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                               Needful Books & Things is a locally owned, independent bookstore located                                   near World Golf Village in St. Augustine Florida, established in 2023. A brick                                 & mortar location for the store is planned to open in summer of 2024. Our                                   store name was inspired by a favorite author, Stephen King and his 1992                                       novel Needful Things – about a shopkeeper that seemingly has everything                                   you need in stock – at just the time you need it!


Needful Books & Things will carry best-selling fiction and classic literature, specializing in mystery, fantasy, and all things magical.  In addition to books, the store will carry other needful things such as games, puzzles, and gifts for both children and adults. In addition, special orders are always available, and Needful Books & Things has affiliations with for online book orders and for audio books. Watch for e-book options, coming soon! 

                              Store owner and manager Anne McCarthy is fulfilling her long-time dream                                  of owning a bookstore. Anne brings over two decades of customer service                                      and retail management experience to Needful Books & Things. A lifelong                                      love of reading inspires her, and she often references the well-known                                              Goosebumps book series by author R.L. Stein that she read as a preteen as                                    the “gateway drug” to her love for Stephen King and similar author’s works.



Anne is a member of the American Bookseller’s Association.  She is a native of Omaha Nebraska, and a graduate of the University of Nebraska/Lincoln.  Anne relocated to Florida in 2019, after determining Nebraska simply did not have enough beaches to suit her lifestyle!


                             Co-owner and advisor Rhonda McCarthy brings over 30 years of experience                                 in business analysis and investment management to Needful Books &Things.                               Rhonda lives in Omaha Nebraska, but is a frequent visitor to St. Augustine                                     and an as-needed store assistant.



                             Last but far from least – our store mascot, Gus (short for Augustus of                                             course!) Gus will make frequent appearances in store and on social media,                                     so be sure to keep your eyes open for him and give him a like or a love tap! 



Thank you for reading and your support of

Needful Books & Things!

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